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PEXA is required to verify the identity of applicants to become Subscribers, in accordance with ARNECC’s Model Operating Requirements. 

This is different to the obligation placed on Subscribers to verify the identity of their clients, signers, mortgagors, Subscriber Administrators and persons to whom certificates of title are provided, pursuant to the Model Participation Rules.


Joining the PEXA Network 

When joining the PEXA network, each Subscriber is required to complete a VOI check. This will be completed by those who execute the PEXA Participation Agreement on behalf of the organisation. Learn more here. 


Client VOI

Subscribers are required to take reasonable steps to verify the identity of their clients, as per ARNECC’s Model Participation Rules. In certain jurisdictions, client VOI standards are the same for both the electronic and manual processes. 

Subscribers should refer to Model Participation Rule Guidance Note #2 – Verification of Identity for further guidance. 


How do I complete my client VOI?

When verifying the identity of clients, Subscribers can perform the VOI themselves or use an “Identity Agent,” such as one of the following:  


Australia Post

Zip ID

  • If you would like to use the ZipID VOI App for your client VOI requirements, you can register for free and download the App at  If your client prefers the convenience of being verified at home or work, ZipID's mobile representatives can complete the VOI on your behalf (Mon-Sat).  You can register for free to offer your clients this option at

ID Secure

  • If you would like to use the IDSecure Verification of Identity online system yourself to verify clients in your office or out on the road yourself, or have a professional IDSecure Identity Agent visit them (available in all states of Australia) to conduct the verification on your behalf, either during business hours, after hours or on weekends, please register for free by visiting


Client Authorisation 

A Subscriber must enter into a Client Authorisation with their client using the Client Authorisation Form before the Subscriber digitally signs any document in PEXA (except for caveats and priority/ settlement notices). 

Further guidance can be found in Model Participation Rule Guidance Note #1 – Client Authorisation


Where do I find the Client Authorisation Form?

  • The Client Authorisation Form is available in Schedule 4 of the Model Participation Rules and on the ARNECC website. A “smartform” is available here.