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“PEXA is revolutionising the way that Gadens settle property transactions on behalf of its financial institution clients. 
The time saving capabilities are already evident and there are numerous other efficiencies that are being achieved which
allow Gadens to be proud sponsors of the PEXA platform”.
Craig Green, Gadens


"NAB is proud to have been involved in the e-Conveyancing industry reform, and we look forward
to providing electronic property settlement services to our customers"
Bruce Hope-McLelland, NAB


"The introduction of electronic settlements is singularly the most significant advancement in
technology to benefit the conveyancing profession. "
Paul Denny, Paul Denny Conveyancing


"MSA is embracing PEXA as a major step forward in delivering a better customer experience.
PEXA gives us certainty, security and speed to settlement"
Ayhan Baba, MSA National


"LPI is excited to be part of streamlining the conveyancing industry. LPI has been working with
the property conveyancing industry, PEXA and the other states and territories for a long time to
achieve this world first national electronic conveyancing system."
Des Mooney, NSW Land Registry - Land and Property Information (LPI)


"We are delighted to be able to provide our clients, nationally, with the benefits of increased efficiency and
simplicity offered through financial settlements and electronic registrations facilitated by the PEXA System."
Ralph Galilee, Galilee


"We will definitely be inviting our counterparties to transact with us through PEXA. I think this is  significant
move forward for the conveyancing professional and the greater economy. We're proud to be involved."
Carolyn Booth, Smart Choice Conveyancing


"We want to continuously add value and provide more convenience for our members and we believe
PEXA's e-Conveyancing will help us achieve that."
Steve James, Teachers Mutual Bank


"We are very excited about the prospects of e-Conveyancing. Our firm has a passion for fresh approaches
to legal processes and efficient service delivery."
Tara F. Mathey, Mathey Solicitors


"We are an enthusiastic supporter of this inevitable evolution and are excited to be at the forefront of
e-Conveyancing. We are totally committed to the concept and see this as the future of property transactions."
Niki Belogiannis, Galilee


"e-Conveyancing has been an integral part of bankmecu's lending function in Victoria for years and we're
enthusiastic about the convenience that PEXA's expanded functionality will offer"
Martyn Norman, Bank Australia


"We look forward to offering electronic settlement to all of our clients from now on. We found the process
to be seamless and an easy fit with our current process."
Craig Radford, Paul Denny Conveyancing


"The platform is painless and quick to use"
Nino Galgano, Lawyer


"The platform is user friendly and simple to navigate. It is a great opportunity to be one of the first Practitioners
to join PEXA and we are excited to be early adopters ahead of the industry."
Shakila Maclean, All Hours Conveyancing


"Today we see the opportunity for Banks to lodge land documents in WA using the electronic system, the result
of which has been a collaborative effort between Landgate, PEXA and a number of key industry bodies."
Mike Bradford, Landgate