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Standard Operating Environment Requirements(opens in a new window)

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1. Standard Operating Environment Requirements

The standard operating environment required to provide effective access to the ELN is:

(a) Supported browsers

(i) Internet Explorer on Windows; version 8 to version 11;

(ii) Firefox on Windows; Latest stable Version; and

(iii) Chrome on Windows & Macintosh; Latest Stable Version.


(b) Minimum System Requirements

(i) 1024 x 768 DPI;

(ii) Windows: 1.5 GHz processor speed and 50% free CPU;

(iii) Oracle Java 7 Update 55 (1.7.0_55) or higher version;

(iv) Installation of anti-virus in line with the Subscriber Security Policy; and

(v) Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher.


(c) Digital Certificates

(i) At least one Gatekeeper Approved Digital Certificate which complies with the Operating Requirements.


(d) Internet access

The PEXA System is a web-based platform. Subscribers must have an adequate level of internet access in order to receive the Services. PEXA does not guarantee PEXA System functionality where a Subscriber's level of internet access is inadequate.