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PEXA registration involves two main parts: 

1. Complete the Online Registration

  • PEXA Registration is completed on the PEXA website at 

    • All applicants will be required to sign a PEXA Participation Agreement. More information can be found here.

    • Each applicant can order their Digital Certificate during the registration process. A Digital Certificate is required to electronically sign documents in PEXA.

    • To finalise the set up of your account, the following may be required:

      • Practising certificate/conveyancing licence (individual/organisation)

      • Trust Account details (if applicable)

      • Direct Debit details

      • Digital Certificate Subscriber Agreement (if you require a PEXA Digital Certificate)

      • Trust Deed/ Partnership Deed - please note that these documents will need to be certified. A certified copy of the Trust Deed Schedule is also acceptable.

      Note: additional documentation may be required to support your application. 


2. Complete Face-to-Face Verification of Identity (VOI)

  • PEXA is required to verify the identity of the person(s) who will sign the Participation Agreement on behalf of your organisation. This VOI can be completed by PEXA, a PEXA Sponsor or one of our VOI agents (ZipID & Australia Post). Click here to learn more.

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Further Information:

Verification of Identity

PEXA Source Account

PEXA Sponsors 

Digital Certificates

Trust Account

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