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PEXA collects Personal Information about Subscribers and potential Subscribers and their users (if any) in order to verify identity, to verify eligibility to be a Subscriber and to administer a Subscriber’s PEXA profile. This and other information about Subscribers, potential Subscribers and their users (including Personal Information) (Subscriber Information) will, to the extent required to carry out conveyancing transactions, be used and shared by the participants in the conveyancing transactions, and may be disclosed to the duty authorities and land registries in relevant jurisdictions. Subscriber Information may also be disclosed to relevant authorities where required or authorised by or under law (including under land titles legislation). If a Subscriber appoints a Sponsor as part of its electronic conveyancing solution, PEXA will disclose Subscriber Information to the Sponsor so that the Sponsor can provide administrative support. PEXA may also disclose Subscriber Information to its agents and service providers for the purpose of activating potential Subscribers and assisting Subscribers to carry out conveyancing transactions in the PEXA System.
Unless you tell us otherwise, PEXA may publish personal information about you for the purpose of disclosing the identity of PEXA Subscribers to other PEXA Subscribers and the general public. You can contact us at
The PEXA System is located within the Commonwealth of Australia. Some Subscribers (e.g. financial institutions) may use third parties to process data. If those third parties access the PEXA System from overseas, this will result in a cross border disclosure of Subscriber Information. Subscribers must ensure that any overseas third parties accessing the PEXA System on their behalf, comply with the Australian Privacy Principles. It is not practicable to specify all of the countries in which these third parties may be located. For further details refer to PEXA’s Privacy Policy available at
If the Subscriber does not provide the Personal Information requested in this registration form or otherwise as required in the course of the conveyancing transactions, the Subscriber may not be able to use PEXA to complete the conveyancing transactions.
PEXA’s Privacy Policy provides further information about access and correction of the personal information that PEXA holds about Subscribers, how to complain about a breach of privacy by PEXA and how PEXA will deal with privacy complaints. Any queries about PEXA and privacy should be directed to PEXA’s Privacy Officer.
The Subscriber agrees that, if it provides Personal Information about third parties to PEXA, it will first make those third parties aware of this Privacy Statement.