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PEXA Subscribers can either access PEXA directly or via a PEXA Sponsor.


To learn more about each of the Sponsors, click on the logos below: 

GlobalX InfoTrack
SAI Global Veda


Before registering with PEXA, you should consider whether you wish to access PEXA directly (without a Sponsor), or use a Sponsor. 


Using a Sponsor

  • The PEXA Sponsors, also known as information brokers or conveyancing software providers, will integrate PEXA with their existing product offerings, providing an end-to-end solution to property lawyers and conveyancers across Australia.

  • Once Sponsors have completed their integration, it will allow documents to be pre-populated, removing the need to key information twice. Sponsors can also provide additional PEXA support and training. 

  • Learn more about the benefits of accessing PEXA via a Sponsor here


 Sponsor FAQs

  • If I access PEXA through a Sponsor, do I still need to complete the PEXA registration process?

    • Yes. Any organisation that wants to use PEXA needs to complete the PEXA registration process.


  • Why does PEXA have Sponsors?

    • While PEXA is Australia’s electronic conveyancing system, there are other services required to complete a transaction such as land title or company searches. PEXA does not provide these services. 

    • Through our interaction with the industry, there was a clear mandate to provide a singular portal for conveyancers and lawyers. Sponsors will integrate PEXA into their existing conveyancing services/software.