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When you have completed your registration, follow the below steps to get ready to transact on PEXA:  

1. Login to the PEXA System at 

  • Your login details and password will be emailed to you along with a Welcome Pack to help get your account set up. 


2. Complete your PEXA Basic Training

  • You should complete your basic training by following two introductory tutorials which can be found on the PEXA Training page. These will help get your first PEXA Workspace set up. 


3. Use the PEXA Help Centre

  • At any stage within the PEXA System, you can access the Help Centre by clicking on the help icon located on the top right of the screen (see below screenshot). Here you will find an extensive library of support material, tutorials and instructional guides to help you through your first transactions.



PEXA is committed to supporting its Subscribers to transact online. To learn more about PEXA Support click here