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PEXA provides a secure platform for the electronic transfer of funds and lodgement of Land Registry documents. 

Discharge of mortgage screen in PEXA



Using PEXA will provide tangible efficiencies to the finance industry, including:

  • Reducing the time spent preparing instruments
  • Removing the need to physically attend settlement
  • Reducing manual errors and failures in land transactions
  • Removing the need for bank cheques
  • Real-time lodgement of Land Registry documents

What can you do on PEXA?

By joining PEXA, Financial Institutions can:

  • Lodge mortgages
  • Conduct refinances
  • Lodge caveats
  • Discharge mortgages
  • Participate in property transfers
  • Withdraw caveats

To see a PEXA transfer in action, from the perspective of a Financial Institution, watch this video

PEXA in action

"The Westpac eSettlements team recently received a priority request to complete a refinance settlement urgently for one of our customers. Within 12 minutes of receiving the request, the team negotiated with the other FI to settle the same day. Settlement was completed and all documents successfully registered in PEXA 90 minutes after receiving the initial request. Now that’s digitisation in action and the very core of what eConveyancing is all about and the benefits it provides"

Lynne Carter, Executive Manager, Westpac

Who's joined PEXA already?

The following banks and Financial Institutions (FIs) have already joined the network:

Financial InstitutionStandaloneRefinanceTransfers
Bank Australia               
Bank of Melbourne                
Bank SA                  
Bendigo Bank    
Beyond Bank         
Cape CU Ltd             
Coastline CU Ltd             
Delphi Bank    
Ford Co-op CU Society Ltd             
G&C Mutual Bank             
Greater Bank     
Hume Bank              
ING Direct              
Laboratories CU              
Macquarie Business Bank           
Macquarie Securitisation Ltd       
P&N Bank                          
Queensland Country CU          
Railways Credit Union       
South West CU Co-Op Ltd               
St George            
Teachers Mutual Bank             
The Capricornian Ltd                 
Wyong Shire CU             
In progress 48 Financial Institutions


Payment AggregatorStandaloneRefinanceTransfers
Australian Settlements Ltd (ASL) n/a              
Cuscal Ltd n/a              
Indue Ltd n/a              

Monthly Progress
WA only 
  VIC only
NSW, WA& VIC only
Express refinance 
In progress 
QLD, NSW & VIC only
New Mortgages only
New Mortgage NSW only 
  Discharge all states
  All WA. Discharges only in NSW & VIC
Please note that the number of FIs who have joined PEXA, and those who are participating in transfers, is constantly increasing.
At this stage, not all FIs are participating in transfer transactions.

Access model

Before joining PEXA, Financial Institutions (FIs) should consider how they wish to access PEXA.

The access models available to Financial Institutions are:

  1. Direct Subscriber Model
    • The FI accesses PEXA directly
  2. Representative Subscriber Model
    • The FI is represented by another PEXA Subscriber who acts on behalf of that FI in PEXA
  3. Sub-Contractor Model
    • The FI outsources its PEXA processing to a third party to act on its behalf in PEXA, using the FI's credentials and Digital Certificate(s)

Settlement model

The below table provides an overview of the settlement model options available to FIs that join PEXA: 

Financial Settlement (payment integrated)Financial Settlement (non-payment integrated)Discharge only modelStandalone model
This model allows a FI to participate in all transaction types, including the ability to offer use of practitioners’ statutory trust accounts This model allows FIs to participate in refinances and transfers (in the role of a lender only) This model allows a FI to participate in a refinance or transfer transaction, in the role of outgoing mortgagee

This model enables a FI to perform standalone PEXA transactions, e.g. lodge and discharge mortgages, lodge caveats, etc...

Contact us

To learn more, or to discuss joining PEXA, please contact Marielle Yeoh (Executive General Manager, Financial Institutions):
Phone: (03) 9912 6566


Further information

PEXA Guidelines

View the guidelines relating to a transfer or refinance transaction


View the PEXA Pricing Schedule

Did you know? Refinances are typically completed using PEXA in less than 18 minutes, saving Financial Institutions more than 5 days in processing time