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What is a Digital Certificate?

  • A Digital Certificate is used to electronically sign documents. Using a Digital Certificate means you can be confident that all signed documents in PEXA are authentic, safe and secure.
  • Digital Certificates use public key cryptographic technology to secure information that passes from one computer to another over a network. Data is encrypted by the sender when they sign the document with their Digital Certificate to prevent it from being read. The data is then checked by the receiving computer using a Digital Certificate to verify the integrity of the data and to ensure that it was not altered in transit.
  • This technology helps to ensure that transacting online is a secure method of information exchange.


How do I get a Digital Certificate?

  • During your registration, you can apply for a PEXA Digital Certificate or you can purchase one from the other Gatekeeper Accredited Service Provider, Symantec. PEXA will assist you in obtaining your PEXA Digital Certificate once you have commenced registration.



How many Digital Certificates will my organisation need?

  • All PEXA users required to sign documents and settlement statements will require a Digital Certificate. Any number of people can prepare documents in PEXA but potentially only one person is required to sign them. It depends on your workflow and who you decide can sign.
  • Before acquiring your first PEXA Digital Certificate you will need to have your identification verified, sign the Digital Certificate Subscriber Agreement and complete the Direct Debit Authority Form. You will then be sent a USB token that has your Digital Certificate on it and your Digital Certificate pin will be sent out separately


How do I use my Digital Certificate?

  • Digital Certificates used in PEXA must be stored on an encrypted USB Token. The USB should be inserted into your computer when you need to sign a PEXA document. The Digital Certificate can only be accessed by using a dedicated PIN so that your Digital Certificate remains secure. Your digital signature can only be used by you as only you have the PIN. 


How do I order an additional Digital Certificate or request to renew or unsuspend an existing Digital Certificate?

  • To renew, unsuspend or request an additional Digital Certificate please complete this form.



PEXA Digital Certificate Offer Terms and Conditions

*Offer only available to Subscribers who have submitted a complete PEXA Participation Agreement and PEXA Digital Certificate Subscriber Agreement (along with any necessary supporting documents). Offer limited to one Digital Certificate per Subscriber. Offer applies only to: the first 500 Digital Certificates issued in New South Wales; the first 250 Digital Certificates issued in Queensland; the first 500 Digital Certificates issued in Victoria and the first 250 Digital Certificates issued in Western Australia. Offer not available to Representative Subscribers who have received a Symantec Digital Certificate paid for by PEXA. Offer applies to the initial certificate term only, Digital Certificate renewals charged at the published rate.