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The PEXA System integrates with the Land Registry so that a caveat can be lodged or withdrawn electronically, in real-time. 

Create Caveat in NSW screen in PEXA

Complete a caveat in Victoria today using our training simulator

What are the benefits of lodging a caveat electronically?

  • Faster – it typically takes just 4 minutes to lodge a caveat through PEXA
  • Safer – caveats are lodged in real-time, giving you greater certainty that your client’s claim is noted on title
  • Easier – there is no need to attend the Land Registry office, book an agent or arrange for express post
  • Cheaper – In Victoria, the lodgement fee for lodging caveats electronically is $24.10 cheaper than in paper
  • Better for your clients – you can reassure your clients that their caveat has been lodged, or withdrawn, promptly

"PEXA allows me to instantly lodge caveats giving my clients greater peace of mind. PEXA is now my preferred choice for caveats”

Kathy Constan, Hercules Constan Lawyers

What are the steps to lodging a caveat using PEXA?

Lodging a caveat using PEXA is quick and easy. The steps are as follows:

  1. Create the Workspace in PEXA and add the relevant land title
  2. Add the party(s) to the Workspace
  3. Create the caveat
  4. Sign the document electronically
  5. Lodge the document in real-time

How much does a caveat cost in PEXA?

The cost to register, or withdraw, a caveat can be found as part of the PEXA pricing schedule

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