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02 June 2015
HQ Law

HQ Law: realising a bright digital future with PEXA

Based in Bendigo Victoria, HQ Law (Hillier Quinn Law) describes itself as “digitally savvy.” It saw e-conveyancing via PEXA as a rare opportunity to significantly advance its already strong local reputation for customer service. In addition to gaining a first-mover advantage in the local conveyancing market, PEXA’s digital platform provided HQ Law with efficiencies that could not have been achieved through traditional paper-based processes. HQ Law has been operating since 2005 and offers a range of legal services notably in conveyancing and property law.


Efficiencies build business

PEXA’s digital processes helped HQ Law improve the way it does business. By using PEXA, HQ Law is able to accrue additional value internally, by being faster, safer and more efficient. Externally it can pass on improved certainty, security and reduced stress for its clients.

Craig Watts, Partner at HQ Law, said, “PEXA allows us to use our time more efficiently. It’s digital: less phone, more online. Example: no more uncertainty - waiting to be told verbally that settlement can’t go ahead.”


Easy on-boarding

With thorough PEXA support and training HQ Law found joining and transitioning to the PEXA platform a smooth and easy one. Any questions, issues or concerns were addressed
immediately and were supported by PEXA follow-up ensuring the matter was fully covered off.

Peter Hillier, Founding Partner at HQ Law, said, “PEXA gave us all the help we needed: constant communication and administrative assistance helped soothe any internal uncertainties. PEXA’s hands-on training modules made the learning process very digestible. We worked with our own computer and went through a transaction step-by-step.”


Beyond local: PEXA broadens market reach

Geography is no longer a limitation. HQ Law believes the property market and property exchange will continue to shift online nationally. The firm intends to stay abreast of this transition
and leverage it competitively to grow the business. HQ Law regards PEXA as its key first step in being a player in that future market.

Kirsty Aquilina, Conveyancing Assistant at HQ Law, noted, “We can now attend settlements on behalf of clients anywhere. We can expand our clientele base with PEXA.” Looking to future growth, Craig
Watts said, “PEXA is at the forefront of change. Everything is moving to an electronic model. We want to be on top of that. Besides: younger clients entering the market will expect and demand everything digitally. PEXA does that.”


What the other conveyancers are saying

Kirsty Aquilina, Conveyancing Assistant at HQ Law in Bendigo, noted, “We can now cover off settlements anywhere. We can expand our clientele base with PEXA.”

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